help with brewing ground coffee?

Hi Everyone!

I just purchased a packet of Starbucks ground coffee French Roast and I’m not sure how to brew it, as I’ve never brewed coffee before. I feel very tempted to purchase a french press maker because it’s the quickest, but I don’t know if the French Roast coffee is coarse enough for the french press. (Can somebody please tell me if the French Roast is coarse or not?) My other option is to purchase a drip coffee maker, but I heard it takes a while to brew coffee with this machine. Does anyone know how long it really takes to brew coffee with a drip coffee maker? Thank you!

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Starbucks don't make homemade coffee?

I have never drank their coffee. I am not a coffee drinker.

But I went in Starbucks to order drinks for my friends
and I was surprised that they used coffeemakers.

I thought they would ROAST their coffee bean
and make fresh coffee from stovetop kettle.

But since I saw coffeemaker machines, I guess
their coffee were processed.

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How to create a coffee at home it test like Stratbucks coffee from a Starbacck roasted coffee

I bought a roasted been coffee from Starbucks to make coffee from my home and office. But I tried every thing and could not find the same coffee I drink from their café.
Is that the water, coffee machine, filter or what? Please give me the procedure to create a nice tall coffee looks and feels the real one

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