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How to make a proper espresso?

…with this Philips Espresso Duo


The problems are:
1) Not as bold as in restaurants or automatic coffee machines
2) (Almost) no foam

I used a plenty of roasts, grinds (both home and preliminary), dozes (from no-pressed to hard-pressed), but it still doesn’t look and taste like automatic machine espresso. Where did I possibly go wrong?

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I’m a Disabled Veteran and live alone, and, today I was at a Restaurant and had a cup of Decaff Coffee and it was very tasty. Surely they may use a tasty type of Coffee, but, I’m thinking they just use the right amount.

When I make a Pot of Coffee, I only use 5 "heaping" Tablespoons of Coffee for a 12 cup pot. My Coffee just isn’t that tasty. It’s rather bland and seems weak.

I use either Hills Bros. or, Folgers "Regular or French Roast". How much should I use to make a Tasty Pot so each cup has a definitive Coffee taste?

What kind of Coffee would you use? I don’t like the Coffee’s like Hazelnut or Vanilla tastes, and I don’t buy or have Cappuccino except once in a great while,……usually seasonaly.

Ladies or anyone that likes a good tasty cup of Coffee ……how much should I use in a standard 12 cup drip maker??

I did buy a small "Breakfast Blend" of Starbuck’s at my local grocery quite awhile back, and I used my standard 5 TBs of Coffee from that bag, and although it didn’t taste as strong as Starbuck’s makes, it did taste better.

I just noticed a great difference in the taste of "my" Coffee today vs. what I had at the Restaurant and it was almost like drinking water compared at my house compared to what I was served. Although it was Decaff today, I gotta’ tell you, it was the best tasting Decaff I’ve ever had and probably in the top 5 best tasting cup-of-coffees I’ve ever had. I myself use "Lite" or 1/2 Decaff.

Thanks for all your Answers and time! I am going to up the ante’ my next pot and try 10 Heaping TableSpoons and adjust from there.

I use Creamora and Sweet N’ Low, and my Coffee I usually barely taste the coffee. Today’s I used the same C&S and yet the Coffee tasted excellento’!

Thanks again!

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I have some roasted cocoa nibs. I enjoy snacking on them, as well as adding to baking, ice cream, etc.
I use a Moka, a stovetop espresso machine, and was wondering if I could grind down the cocoa nibs, and use them in the Moka. Either by themselves, or mixed with coffee.

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help with brewing ground coffee?

Hi Everyone!

I just purchased a packet of Starbucks ground coffee French Roast and I’m not sure how to brew it, as I’ve never brewed coffee before. I feel very tempted to purchase a french press maker because it’s the quickest, but I don’t know if the French Roast coffee is coarse enough for the french press. (Can somebody please tell me if the French Roast is coarse or not?) My other option is to purchase a drip coffee maker, but I heard it takes a while to brew coffee with this machine. Does anyone know how long it really takes to brew coffee with a drip coffee maker? Thank you!

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Can you make espresso with coffee beans?

I just got a new espresso machine — but I have no espresso. Would it be at all feasible to use coffee beans to brew espresso, or is this useless? What’s the difference? If I end up using coffee beans, should I be using a light, medium, or dark roast?

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Using a the store bought coffee powder. Folgers classic roast.

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Is 107 volts for an apartment?

I am living in a studio apartment in Chicago. Utilities are included with the rent. When I turn everything off, I get 109 volts out of the socket. I am trying to roast coffee beans and my machine won’t get hot enough. with my computer and a few lights on I get 107 volts. Is 107 volts abnormal? Is my apartment complex breaking any kind of building code or city electricity requirements?

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Why does all my coffee taste the same?

Every coffee I make in my machine tastes the same. Cinnamon crumb cake, medium roast, African, all taste the same…

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Starbucks don't make homemade coffee?

I have never drank their coffee. I am not a coffee drinker.

But I went in Starbucks to order drinks for my friends
and I was surprised that they used coffeemakers.

I thought they would ROAST their coffee bean
and make fresh coffee from stovetop kettle.

But since I saw coffeemaker machines, I guess
their coffee were processed.

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